About AussieFit

The training you are about to embark on is not a nice, fluffy experience.  AussieFit is extreme training, that pushes you way beyond your own personal barriers to ensure you reach not only every goal you have but kill off any weakness you have either mentally or physically on the way.  We don't talk or chat, we don't check our emails and check our butts in the mirror.  We don't even have mirrors, your trainer is you mirror, they will tell you if your form is right, if you are executing correctly, if you need to lose weight, change diet, change your attitude and stop stopping.

kellie back shot stance.JPG
Kellie Liddell

Personal Trainer and Nutritionist


Kellie is s a fitness trainer that has over 25 years of experience in melting your fat suit to expose that perfect body sitting smothered underneath.  Once you have just body and no longer carrying your fat suit too, she will then increase your fitness, strength, speed and agility to the best it can be then push for more.  As a mother of four boys, she doesn't listen to your excuses but will guide you to the best place you can be, in control and feeling bloody amazing!